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Welcome to Markazi Jamia Mosque Wakefield Online Radio. 

Live Transmission: On the time of broadcast, please wait on this page. When there is live transmission, the status of below section will change to “On Air”. Click on play button if it does not start playing automatically. OR refresh the page if you do not see any play sign or On Air sign.

Save on Mobile Screen: Go to settings of your mobile browser in Android or IOS. Click on ” Add to Home Screen” option. It will add an icon on your mobile desktop for easy access.


Live Transmission

Previous Transmissions

Previous Transmission:  If you have missed any transmission then there is a previous recording section below with the dates. Click on any audio file to play. It will take up to an hour for recent transmission to appear here.

You can also follow our channel on by registering on their website. You can also follow the channel by signing in there.